The mission

We help employees and their companies thrive by providing on demand support

Lisa's Story

In 2018, Lisa's career was soaring, leading a highly successful advertising team at Amazon. But behind the scenes, she battled the immense challenge of balancing a busy career with the demands of two young children and elderly parents—a challenge silently endured by 17 million employees daily.

Driven by the need for a solution, Lisa searched for on-demand, in-person support to thrive at work. Yet, existing options were inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly. Recognising this widespread need, Lisa founded companiions to bridge the company benefit gap she experienced firsthand.

Lisa's profound understanding of the struggles faced by individuals, especially women, in today's workplace is reinforced by alarming statistics. In 2022, a staggering 54,000 women left the workforce in the UK alone. The number of people leaving work due to life responsibilities is at a 30-year high—an urgent call for change.

companiions empowers employees to harmonise their careers with life's demands, while helping companies tackle absenteeism, retention, sickness, and well-being.

With the right support, every employee can navigate life's complexities and thrive in their career.


The Team

Lisa Robinson

CEO & Founder

Simon Peace


Will Slater

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Braybrooke

Product Design Lead

Ryan Singh

Head of Customer Success

Aisha Hokstam

Customer Success Manager

Sophie Rose

Marketing Manager

Robbie Crease

Partnership Manager

Carla Pont

Full-Stack Developer

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