Learn more about our cashless and secure payment process

When you’re booking companionship via the companiions app, we ask for your bank details before you can create a visit request. And, if you’re a companion, you’ll need to add your details to accept your first visit. Here’s why we ask for this payment information and how we keep your data safe and secure. 

When and why we ask for your payment details

We’re here to make arranging companionship or help quick, easy and safe. Our secure, cashless app and payment process are important parts of that experience. With companiions, there’s no need to faff about with cash to pay a companion or make sure you have change to give to an organiser.

Joining companiions as an organiser or want to book visits for yourself? You’ll need to add your bank details before you can create a visit request and start chatting with potential companions in your local area. That’s so we can ensure any companion you book gets paid, quickly, seamlessly and safely. If you’re a companion, you’ll need to add your payment details before you can accept your visit – so the organiser can get payment to you promptly.

How we keep your information secure
We understand that inputting payment details can be daunting, especially if you don’t regularly shop online or use cashless apps. We also understand that you care deeply about how your private information is used and shared.

Your safety, security and privacy is hugely important to us and we appreciate your trust. We take careful steps to keep your information, including your bank details, secure. Our payment security system, Stripe, encrypts your payment details using industry-leading encryption while your payments are being processed with your bank. To uphold the highest possible standards, we ask for proof of identity before you can use companiions. 

Take action to stay safe online

There are steps you can take to help ensure your own safety and security online too, helping to keep your data and payment information private.

Here are 3 online safety tips to put into action today:

#1 Always use a strong, unique password
Don’t reuse passwords you have for other accounts and never tell anyone your companiions password. 

#2 Log out when you’re done
If you’re accessing companiions via your desktop or a shared device, remember to log out once you’re finished with your session. 

#3 Keep your info up to date
Always make sure we have your most up-to-date contact information, including your email address and phone number, so you’ll receive any important security notifications. Remember to enable notifications from the companiions app on your device too. 

Find out more

Want to know more about how we keep you and your information safe and secure? Visit our Trust & Safety page. We also recommend you read our Privacy Notice.