Looking for companionship, or in-home care?

Does your loved one need a little help and company, or professional in-home care? Companionship and care are different kinds of services with differing costs, so it’s worth thinking about whether companionship could meet your loved one’s needs right now.

What does professional in-home care involve?

At-home care varies depending on an individual’s needs, the skills and experience of the carer and the offering of the care company that’s providing the services. That said, in-home care is typically more specialised than companionship. While carers often brighten people’s days by sharing a chat and a cup of tea, they also carry out tasks like getting them dressed, giving them a bath, helping them use the toilet, arranging their meals, and organising and administering any medicine.

What is companionship?
The short answer? It can be all sorts! Every day, our amazing community is living proof of how rich and varied companionship can be. Some people are looking for a companion to help their loved ones with household chores, doing the grocery shopping, and giving them lifts. This can be a huge help to the loved one’s daily life, as well as taking the strain off the organiser. It can even help someone stay in their own home for longer as they age.

Others are searching for a companion to be there for their loved one, swap stories, enjoy activities, share hobbies and interests, and expand their outlook by connecting them to other generations and ways of life. And some are looking for a blend – companions can offer practical and emotional support, at the same time. 

It’s also important to mention that all sorts of people can benefit from companionship – not just the elderly. Companionship can make a massive difference to those struggling with illness or recovering from surgery, busy or fist-time mums and dads, or people who’ve just moved to a new area. We all need a little help now and then, afterall. 

In-home care, or companionship?
If you’re looking for professional care for yourself or a loved one, you may choose to opt for a traditional care agency. Or, you can use the companiions app to find a companion with professional care experience and qualifications. These companions typically charge more for their services. If you or your loved one are simply looking for companionship – whatever that might mean for you – companiions is a great place to find kind, committed local people who are ready to offer their friendship and help. 

Find a companion for your loved one

Whether you’re looking for a companion with care experience or someone to simply check-in and lend a hand, you can find your match using companiions. 

Download the companiions app and sign up to arrange companionship for a loved one, or even yourself.