8 ways to make extra money as a student at university

Being a student often leaves you with empty pockets. From university fees to funding your social life, it can be daunting having to manage money without a steady income.

There are, however, dozens of ways to make extra money as a student, without impacting your studies. Many offer flexible hours and have the added bonus of looking great on your CV to prospective employers once you graduate.

Read on to discover our top part time jobs ideas for students that’ll give you extra cash during term time.

Campus jobs

Your university is the first point of call when it comes to a part time job. Most will have a range of opportunities to work on campus from working in the library to the canteen. Different courses also have open positions that students can apply for such as research assistants and administrators. 

If you want flexible hours, consider becoming a Student Ambassador. Universities regularly recruit for a pool of students who can represent their campus, particularly during busy periods such as Freshers’ Week and open days. You could be directing people to classes, showing prospective students around campus or handing out lanyards.

Make sure to sign up in the first few weeks of term, these positions are often filled quickly. Head to your Students Union office or website to find out more.


Aced your maths A Level? Got top marks on your science exams? Put your well earned grades to good use and advertise tutoring services to children and teenagers who need an extra helping hand. 

From core school subjects to music lessons and art, there are plenty of areas you can specialise in. Plus your recent experience means you’ll have plenty of wisdom to pass on to help with revision techniques and overcoming nerves. 

Tutors can earn up to £40 an hour depending on experience and is often a regular gig, particularly before exam season. Advertise in your local Facebook groups, newsletters or online or search for specific tutoring websites you can sign up to.

Flyer distributor

Universities are hot spots for advertising, particularly in big cities. From student club nights to restaurant discount vouchers, there are tons of businesses that need reliable people to hand out their flyers and encourage passers by to come along.

Get in touch with your local venues to find out about opportunities. It could be your local music venue, theatre or even your university itself which may have their own events they want to promote.

Become a companion

Fancy a part time job that helps people too? Becoming a companion is an excellent way to make extra money whilst providing much needed support to your local community. This could include doing household chores for an elderly person, picking up groceries, helping with childcare or popping in to keep someone company who’d otherwise be alone.

Plus you can do as many or as little hours as you wish. It’s completely flexible. Using the companiions mobile app, you can add in your availability and choose which visits you want to make, earning up to £25 an hour. 

Sign up to become a companion in a few simple steps and start making good money today. It’s a job that’ll make you feel good and look great on your CV too.

Sign up to a temp agency

Temporary jobs are perfect for students. They offer tons of variety to suit your skillset and are flexible to fit around your lectures. Search for local temp agencies in your area and submit your CV for any future roles.

You might be filling in for a receptionist, pulling pints at a local music festival or doing administration in a nearby office. Either way, you’ll gain lots of experience and build your confidence working with new people in different environments.


Universities and drinking go hand in hand. So chances are there’s more than a few local bars and pubs looking for extra servers as the term begins. Pop into your local haunt to seek out any opportunities or look for job adverts online.

You may also spot notices in windows, particularly in September and around Christmas time as the season gets busier. Keep a few CVs handy in a folder for when you see an advert or potential hirer. Even if they haven’t got an opening, they’ll likely keep your details for future reference.

Delivery driver

Students like take out. So where better to earn extra cash as a delivery driver than a busy city filled with students! Most delivery jobs require a car or motorbike but many are now accepting cyclists too. 

You’ll be able to have a flexible schedule and might even earn tips, particularly during the colder season. Find delivery jobs online or head to your local takeaway stores to enquire about a position. 

Pet sitting and walker

Over half of the UK population now has a pet - that’s a lot of animals that need walking, feeding and looking after whilst their owners are at work or on holiday! Looking after pets is a fantastic way to earn extra money as a student, especially if you’re missing your family furries at home.

Sign up to vetted sites or look for jobs at a local shelter or dog-walking company to start earning. Make sure to boast about your experience with animals including any pets you’ve had in the past (or present!) to stand out from other applications.

Hopefully these ideas will help you to find a way of earning extra money at university between your studies. And if you want to start today, don’t forget to download the companiions app where you can get paid to help others in your local area.