8 fun and fulfilling part-time jobs for retired people

For many people, the thought of retiring and having more free time is welcomed. However, some find that once they reach this milestone, they feel like they’re at a loose end and miss having work to do. There are also people that have previously retired but find themselves in a position where they need extra income on top of their pension.

Whatever the reason behind seeking part-time work, there are plenty of options that can help keep your mind active, maintain your physical fitness or use your skills and passions. At companiions, we’ve put together a list of part-time jobs for retirees to help give you some inspiration.

1. Handyperson

A handyperson is someone that carries out minor repairs and small jobs in peoples' homes. The great thing about being a handyperson is that you can choose the services that you offer. Perhaps you're green-fingered and can help maintain gardens or maybe you're adept at painting and decorating.

You don't need any specific qualifications to be a handyperson, but you do need to be good with hands, a problem solver and be competent at DIY. You'll also need to ensure you take out public liability insurance so that you're covered just in case you should injure a customer or member of the public, or cause damage to someone else's property. 

2. Become a companiion

If you are a kind-natured person and love helping others, then you could also become a paid companiion. As a companiion, you’ll be offering on-demand support and everyday assistance to those who need it. This could be working parents who need an extra pair of hands after the kids finish school or an older person who needs a little help with day-to-day errands so that they can maintain their independence.

Registering to become a companiion is straightforward. After creating and verifying your account, you complete your companiion profile by writing a little about yourself and listing your hobbies and interests. You manage your calendar by listing your weekday and weekend availability, and you can set your own hourly rate too. Booking requests are received by our easy-to-use app, and you'll always receive details about the visit, where it is and who you'll be being a companiion for. 

3. Tutor

When it comes to part-time jobs for pensioners, tutoring can be a great way to impart knowledge to a younger generation and use your life experiences too. You can choose one subject that you have an interest in or cover a range of the curriculum.

Tutoring can be an incredibly rewarding job, especially when you know you have played a part in a child’s development, and they tell you about positive feedback they have had on their work in school.

On average, private tutors charge between £20 and £40 per hour and you can choose the days and times that you work. Depending on your preferences, you can offer in-person sessions and/or online lessons. There are a range of websites where you can create a tutoring profile, list your subject areas, and set your availability.

4. Shop assistant

Many part-time jobs for retirees can be found in the retail sector. From serving drinks in an independent café to stocking shelves in your local supermarket, a shop assistant job is an option worth considering for anyone that likes going to a physical place of work and interacting with members of the public. It’s also a great choice for those who are looking to widen their social circle as colleagues often become friends.

If you aren’t sure whether this type of work is for you, you could always look for a temporary role first. These often come up seasonally and during busy times of the year such as Christmas and the summer holidays.

5. Dog walker

If you’re an animal lover and enjoy being outdoors, offering dog walking services in your local area could be perfect for you. As well as getting to spend time with cute pups, you’ll also be benefiting your health through regular exercise.

As this job does sometimes require you to go into peoples’ homes when they are not there, it is a good idea to have a DBS check. You’ll also need appropriate insurance that covers your clients’ pets when they are in your care.

If you want to extend your services, you could also offer pet sitting which includes feeding pets, making sure they have fresh water and providing them with company when their owners are away.

6. Second-hand selling

Most of us have sold something we own but no longer need such as clothes, furniture or even cars but did you know that some people make a living from buying second-hand items and selling them on?

It is quite a labour and time-intensive job but is great for those that love to hunt for a bargain and enjoy spending time rummaging at car boots, auctions, or charity shops. You'll also need knowledge about items that are in demand or collectable, so you'll need to be willing to do some research.

There are plenty of places to sell second-hand goods including online sites and flea markets. Depending on what you sell, you could even rent a space in an antique shop.

7. Freelance in your expert field

Many part-time jobs for retired people make use of their skills and experience. If you had a long career in a specific sector or have a hobby that takes a lot of talent, you can use what you know to earn money. For example, if you worked in HR, you could offer consulting services to businesses to help them implement policies and procedures. If you are a keen photographer, you could sell your snaps as stock images or offer portrait packages.

You’ll need to be self-motivated for any freelance role, but the main perks are that you can set your own rate and schedule. When you first start, you’ll likely need to spend time building a portfolio of work and gaining a positive reputation. You can do this through word of mouth, putting up flyers or by having an online presence on social media, for example.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for how you can earn extra money after retirement.

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