6 workplace benefits and perks employees want most in 2023

The last few years have seen unprecedented change within the workplace and one area that continues to shift is the needs and wants of employees.

Following long-term effects of the pandemic and the ongoing increased cost of living - among other continuous trends and events - what workers value the most is noticeably evolving. In fact perks and benefits are now one of the most favoured elements of a job, even over a salary increase.

But what exactly do employees really want? 

Here we share the most desirable workplace perks and employee benefits to implement in 2023.

Family benefits

The number of working parents is rapidly increasing. The employment rate for mothers has grown by almost 10% in the last 20 years, so much so that there are now more working mums than women, or men, without dependent children. On top of this, over half of working families are made up of two full-time parents.

With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to accommodate working parents within your organisation. Aside from flexibility, there are various ways you can appeal to employees who are juggling family life and a career. 

The UK now has one of the most expensive childcare systems in the world, causing many parents to give up their career in order to stay at home and look after their children. By providing onsite or subsidised childcare, companies can retain a large portion of their workforce and attract a higher percentage of working parents.

Other family-orientated benefits are also desirable including fertility benefits that help straight, same-sex and single employees to overcome the financial barriers of starting a family. This includes support with IVF, egg freezing and adoption.

Help at home

The working week wasn’t designed for a single person, or a couple who are both employed full time. Juggling 30-40+ hours of work with housework, hobbies, socialisation, exercise, cooking and personal appointments isn’t realistic yet is a situation that almost every single employee struggles with. Add on childcare or looking after elderly parents and you have a high percentage of workers who are burnt out.

Help with home life is a benefit that employees really want, whether that be a weekly cleaner, dog walker, meal prepper or someone to look after older parents. Here at companiions, we do just that. Our app connects your employees with hundreds of verified and trustworthy locals who can provide on-demand support for them and their family. Find out more about our employee benefits and how we can help your employees to balance work with all of life’s challenges.

Flexible annual leave

The idea of unlimited annual leave may seem nonsensical however this controversial workplace perk is seemingly here to stay. Many larger companies including the likes of Netflix, Oracle and LinkedIn have adopted flexible annual leave, reporting it as a successful talent retention and acquisition strategy, whilst improving the work-life balance of current employees. It’s also an excellent way to support working parents, carers and the sandwich generation who juggle both looking after their children and parents.

If you’re thinking about introducing uncapped annual leave, ensure it’s accessible to your entire workforce and that you communicate your policy clearly so they feel comfortable taking time off. 

Pet perks

It’s safe to say the last few years have seen a serious boom in pet ownership. Over half of the UK population has at least one pet in their home and many owners are now juggling pet care with going back into the office. On top of this, increased inflation is seeing a heartbreaking number of people faced with giving up their pets as they struggle to afford food and healthcare.

By providing pet benefits, you can not only appeal to a mass number of potential hires, but will also be helping employees with the increased cost of living. This includes becoming a dog friendly office; a benefit that’s desired by 42% of workers. But it can also involve perks such as pet insurance, vouchers or discounts for pet stores, cover for vet bills or access to dog walking and sitting services. Why not take it one step further and offer ‘pawternity’ leave for new pet parents?

Mental health support

Supporting your employees’ mental health is a top consideration in any workplace. 1 in 4 people experience a mental health issue every year, costing UK employers £45 billion each year. But as well as managing burnout and stress potentially caused by their role, you should also consider specific mental health benefits.

Counselling is considered one of the most valuable benefits to employees, closely followed by health insurance, access to support groups and tools such as online therapy, educational platforms and meditation apps such as Headspace.

Consider offering employee assistance programs whereby staff can talk to onsite or virtual counsellors at a time that suits them. This not only increases job satisfaction and overall happiness but can also lower absence rates. You may also want to explore how you can nurture a supportive culture by training employees in how to spot and handle mental health issues in others.

Flexible working week

The ability to work from home is now a commonplace benefit in most organisations. However, going one step further to provide a flexible working week not only caters to employees who wish to work anywhere but also those who juggle other responsibilities such as childcare and caring for elderly relatives. 

This includes allowing employees to work flexible hours rather than the standard 9-5. It also explores the growingly popular 4-day working week. After a successful study, a third of businesses now expect to put the 4-day week into practice within the next 10 years. However many are already doing so and seeing better employee wellbeing, retention and productivity as a result. 

Ready to implement better perks in 2023? Get in touch to find out more about companiions employee benefits and how we can help your workers to lighten the load and focus on their career.