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companiions provides a simple, trusted way for people to arrange in-person, on-demand support, assistance, and company for themselves or their loved one from £12 - £25 per hour

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What is companiions?

Companionship made easy

The companiions mobile app makes arranging company or help quick, easy, and safe. It’s accessible, affordable, and open to anyone, anywhere from £12-£25 per hour. Many people don’t need care, but they do need a caring person to provide a helping hand to live a happy, independent life at home. Meanwhile, there are people out there brimming with compassion, who want to make money while making a difference in their communities.

Taking the stress out of arranging help and support

It's as easy as this

Create your profile

Add a photo, short bio, key visit requirements and hobbies & interests to tell companions about yourself or your loved one

Select a companion

Browse vetted and reviewed local companions, matched to suit your requirements, and book them for a visit - quickly and easily

Meet in person

Chat to your companion via in-app message or video call to get to know them, before they arrive for your visit

Confirm and Pay

Receive a breakdown of your visit, including duration and cost, then confirm payment in-app; securely and seamlessly

Download the app and get started

Vetted, rated & reviewed Companions

Find reliable companions in your area

We have thousands of compassionate, caring, rated, and reviewed companions who are providing in-person, on-demand assistance across a wide range of activities from helping with shopping, trips to the pharmacy, house tasks, just some good old fashioned conversation or teaching technology to ensure your loved one stays connected to the family.

Detailed companion profiles, in-app video calls for pre-visit introductions, alongside ratings and reviews help you to find the right companion for your loved one.

Have a browse through some of our amazing companions here and on the companiions app.


What do our customers have to say?

Using companiions was an incredible experience start to finish. The carer assigned to my grandmother's care was lovely & she can't stop raving about him. I plan to book weekly so she has consistent safe, & convenient company.



I think this app is so great, it is such a good idea and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it. I have met some lovely people and I am excited to continue too!



I’m a new user to the app but this has really helped provide extra support to my father who lives 3 hours away. We have had 3 great visits so far and he’s really enjoying the additional company and support he has received.



I've been using companiions for over a month now and it is such a great app! Got to meet some lovely people, give a helping hand and earn some extra money. Great concept, especially after the year we've all had as a society!



Helen was like a breath of fresh air. She was warm, engaging and friendly. She fitted in straight away and made a lovely companiion for Melvin.



I really enjoyed my first visit, we spent the whole time talking! I was really pleased that my voice work experienced helped this loved one who has some speech issues and look forward to visiting her regularly.



Kitty is a very pleasant young lady. My dad enjoyed chatting to her. We will definitely invite her for future visits.



The app is really easy to use and saves me loads of time trying to find companionship for my mum.