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From help with growing children to ageing parents and everything in-between, we have thousands of compassionate, experienced, rated and reviewed companions providing in-person, on-demand assistance across the UK.

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Our companions are ready to help with


Lending an extra pair of hands to help balance parenthood with work and all the other responsibilities life brings.

Support when unwell

Taking care of daily tasks to help people in their recovery from short term illness or injury.

Everyday assistance

Easing the burden of everyday tasks and responsibilities, giving time back to focus on the things that matter.

Company, Friendship & Activities

Being there for elderly relatives when their family can't be; providing company and joining in with activities & hobbies

Emotional Support

Being there to listen, empathise and reassure people when they need it most.

Healthy Cooking & Meal Prep

Helping to prepare nutritious, healthy meals while making it a fun and enjoyable experience.


Keeping supplies well stocked to ensure people have everything they need when they need it.


Providing accessible, reliable travel options to stay social and maintain independence.

Technology Support

Giving help and guidance on how to use the latest technologies, to stay connected with friends and family.

Household Chores

Light cleaning, tidying and anything else that needs doing around the house or in the garden.

Appointments & Trips

Offering some company to ease the burden of planning and ensure no one has to make a trip alone.

Help with Exercise

Stretching, walking, yoga, sports and anything in between, to help people stay active and mobile.

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companiions is here to make access to companionship and support painless and simple. Our trusted, carefully vetted companions are here to assist your loved ones with everyday tasks and activities in the comfort of their own home. 


What do our organisers have to say?

Helen was like a breath of fresh air. She was warm, engaging and friendly. She fitted in straight away and made a lovely companiion for Melvin.



Kitty is a very pleasant young lady. My dad enjoyed chatting to her. We will definitely invite her for future visits.



Using companiions was an incredible experience start to finish. The carer assigned to my grandmother's care was lovely & she can't stop raving about him. I plan to book weekly so she has consistent safe, & convenient company.



I’m a new user to the app but this has really helped provide extra support to my father who lives 3 hours away. We have had 3 great visits so far and he’s really enjoying the additional company and support he has received.



Clare picked up some shopping for me as I had injured my ankle and was on crutches. She stayed for a cup of tea afterwards and was really friendly, helpful and easy to chat with!



The app is really easy to use and saves me loads of time trying to find companionship for my mum.



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