The best employee benefits for law firms to adopt

In the ever-evolving legal landscape of 2023, attracting and retaining top talent is vital for law firms seeking to stay competitive.

It's no secret that the legal profession can be a demanding industry including long hours (lawyers working for large firms work 66 hours per week), stressful cases and a lack of support has left an increasing number of lawyers and solicitors feeling burned out.

3 in 4 employees aged 25-35 believe their employer is not doing enough for their mental well-being.

With so much time spent on the job, it’s important that companies repay their employees not just with a respectable salary but with perks that recognise their loyalty and hard work. Doing so is also a proven way to improve retention and talent acquisition, with benefits becoming even more favourable than pay increases for the majority of workers.

As new graduates enter the workforce, law firms must recognise the importance of providing comprehensive employee benefits to support their employees' success as well as help them stand out. 

Here's how your organisation can attract and retain the best talent

  1. Competitive compensation packages
    A competitive compensation package remains the foundation for attracting the best legal talent. As the cost of living rises, law graduates are increasingly seeking firms that offer competitive salaries and performance-based incentives. According to a recent survey by the American Bar Association, 72% of law students rank salary as their top priority when evaluating potential employers.

  2. Professional development opportunities
    Investing in continuous learning and professional development programs is a crucial factor in retaining talent. In 2023, law firms must embrace technology and evolving legal trends, and providing opportunities for upskilling and certifications can enhance employee satisfaction and productivity. A survey by Deloitte reveals that 87% of millennials consider professional development and career growth as crucial to their job satisfaction.

  3. Flexible work arrangements
    Flexibility is a key component in attracting both young professionals and experienced attorneys. Law firms should adopt flexible work arrangements, including remote work options and flexible hours. In a study conducted by Stanford University, remote work was found to increase productivity by 13%, highlighting the positive impact on employee performance and job satisfaction.

  4. Robust health and wellness programs
    Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to support employees in reaching their full potential. By offering comprehensive health and wellness programs, law firms can demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their workforce. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 61% of employees state that wellness benefits would be a significant factor in choosing an employer.

  5. Financial assistance of student loans
    With the burden of student loans affecting many new graduates, law firms can stand out by offering financial assistance to help alleviate this stress. According to the American Bar Association, 79% of law graduates carry an average debt of over $100,000. Loan repayment assistance can be a powerful incentive for attracting top talent and fostering loyalty among employees.

  6. Mentoring and support for new graduates
    Starting a career as a lawyer can be overwhelming for new graduates transitioning from university to a professional environment. Law firms should invest in mentoring programs that pair experienced attorneys with new graduates. A survey by the National Association for Law Placement found that over 60% of new associates in large law firms who had mentors were highly satisfied with their jobs.

  7. Work-life integration support
    Encouraging work-life integration goes beyond just offering flexible work arrangements. Law firms should actively promote a culture that values personal time and responsibilities. This could include offering support services like on-site childcare facilities or providing resources to manage personal commitments effectively.

  8. Support at home
    With the majority of lawyers working upwards of 40 hours per week, there is simply not enough time to juggle work with looking after the home, socialising, exercising and personal appointments. On top of this are the 70% who struggle to find time for family including those with children, elderly relatives, or both. Providing assistance with household responsibilities and family care is a simple yet extremely impactful way of alleviating your employees’ load.

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